At Arclyte Technologies Inc., we strive to make a difference in the environment, economy, and communities where we live and work. This entails not only being a great partner to our customers, but also being a corporately responsible organization. As a partner to global businesses, we have been at the forefront in developing products and packaging that cause minimal environmental impact.


Recyclable Products/Materials

Our partners and factories have gone through strict auditing processes to ensure we have a concerted effort, both domestically and abroad, towards sustaining our environment. Most of our products meet or exceed the Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards. Our product packaging is also designed with biodegradable material without sacrificing customer experience.


Reduced Product Environmental Impact

In addition, many of our factories are ahead of the industry curve, and are ISO 14001 certified, which measures environmental impact. It not only commits to the prevention of pollution, but also leads to the continual improvement of the environmental management system and ensures compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Recycling Program

At Arclyte, we are dedicated to preserving a clean and healthy environment through the proper handling of our rechargeable power products. Though lithium-ion batteries are the safest of the rechargeable batteries, they still contain hazardous elements that harm our environment if not disposed of properly. We partner with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), which presents more than 30,000 collection sites at retail, business and community locations for you to utilize. Visit to find a collection site near you.