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Mobile Phone Battery for Galaxy S 4G
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Mobile PhoneWant high-capacity rechargeable batteries that last? Arclyte replacement batteries are just as good as, if not better than original batteries.

Breaking In New Batteries

Arclyte batteries are new and are therefore shipped partially discharged. For your new battery to reach it’s full capacity, fully charge and fully discharge your battery 2 to 4 times.


SKU MPB02176
Weight 1.0000
Brand Arclyte Technologies
Cell count 1
Voltage 3.7
Capacity 1600
Compatible Models B-7919, CLZ360SG, EB575152LA, EB575152LU, EB575152VA, EB575152VU
Captivate Glide (SGH-i927), Captivate SGH-i897, Epic 4G, Epic 4G SPH-D700, Focus SGH-I917, Galaxy S 4G (SGH-T959V), i897 Captivate, i9000 Galaxy S, i9003 Galaxy SL, i9088 Galaxy S, M110S Galaxy S, Samsung BBM68TK, Samsung Boost Mobile SPH-D710, Samsung Captivate Glide SGH-I927, Samsung CDMA SCH-R760X, Samsung EB625152VA, Samsung EB625152VAB, Samsung EB625152VABSTD, Samsung EPIC 4G SPH-D700, Samsung Epic 4G SPH-D700 (AT&T), Samsung Focus SGH-I917, Samsung Focus SGH-I917 (AT&T), Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G R920, Samsung Galaxy S 4G (AT&T), Samsung GALAXY S I, Samsung Glide, Samsung GT-I9000, Samsung GT-I9001, Samsung GT-I9003, Samsung GT-I9088, Samsung i9000, Samsung i927, Samsung SCH-I919, Samsung SCH-R760, Samsung SCH-U370, Samsung SGH-I847, Samsung SGH-i897, Samsung SGH-I917, Samsung SGH-I917R, Samsung SGH-I927, Samsung SGH-I937, Samsung SGH-t959, Samsung SGH-T959D, Samsung SGH-T959V, Samsung SPH-D700, Samsung SPH-D710, Samsung SPHD710GYS, Samsung SPHD710KIT, Samsung SPHD710WTF, Samsung Sprint Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Sprint SPH-D710, Samsung US Cellular SCH-R760, Samsung Vibrant SGH-T959, Vibrant, Vibrant SGH-T959, Vibrant T959

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