Notebook Battery - Presario 1100, 2100, 2500, HP OmniBook xe4400, xe4500, ze4000, ze4100, ze4200, ze4300, ze4400, ze4500, ze4600, ze5000, ze5100, ze5200, ze5300, ze5400, ze5500, ze5600, ze5700, NX9000, NX9010, NX9020 and more series
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Mobile PhoneWant high-capacity rechargeable batteries that last? Arclyte replacement batteries are just as good as, if not better than original batteries.


Breaking In New Batteries

Arclyte batteries are new and are therefore shipped partially discharged. For your new battery to reach it’s full capacity, fully charge and fully discharge your battery 2 to 4 times.


SKU N00086
Weight 2.0000
Brand HP-Compaq
OEM SKU CP034-10-0
Color Black
Cell count 8
Cell Type Li-ion
Voltage 14.8
Capacity 5200
Compatible Models Evo N1050V, NX9000, NX9005, NX9008, NX9010, NX9020, NX9030, NX9040, NX9050, OmniBook XE4000, OmniBook XE4400, OmniBook XE4500, Pavilion XT115, Pavilion XT125, Pavilion XT155, Pavilion XT178, Pavilion XT183, Pavilion XT188, Pavilion XT236, Pavilion XT276, Pavilion XT345, Pavilion XT375, Pavilion XT395, Pavilion XT412, Pavilion XT4316, Pavilion XT4328, Pavilion XT4345, Pavilion XT512, Pavilion XT5335, Pavilion XT5366, Pavilion XT5377, Pavilion XT5400, Pavilion XT545, Pavilion XT555, Pavilion XT565, Pavilion XT575, Pavilion XT585, Pavilion XT595, Pavilion ZE4000, Pavilion ZE4100, Pavilion ZE4101, Pavilion ZE4102, Pavilion ZE4103, Pavilion ZE4105, Pavilion ZE4111, Pavilion ZE4115, Pavilion ZE4120, Pavilion ZE4123, Pavilion ZE4125, Pavilion ZE4130, Pavilion ZE4133, Pavilion ZE4140, Pavilion ZE4145, Pavilion ZE4200, Pavilion ZE4201, Pavilion ZE4202, Pavilion ZE4204, Pavilion ZE4206, Pavilion ZE4207, Pavilion ZE4208, Pavilion ZE4209, Pavilion ZE4210, Pavilion ZE4211, Pavilion ZE4214, Pavilion ZE4218, Pavilion ZE4219, Pavilion ZE4220, Pavilion ZE4221, Pavilion ZE4222, Pavilion ZE4224, Pavilion ZE4228, Pavilion ZE4229, Pavilion ZE4230, Pavilion ZE4231, Pavilion ZE4232, Pavilion ZE4234, Pavilion ZE4236, Pavilion ZE4239, Pavilion ZE4240, Pavilion ZE4241, Pavilion ZE4251, Pavilion ZE4258, Pavilion ZE4261, Pavilion ZE4262, Pavilion ZE4268, Pavilion ZE4271, Pavilion ZE4274, Pavilion ZE4278, Pavilion ZE4281, Pavilion ZE4282, Pavilion ZE4284, Pavilion ZE4288, Pavilion ZE4292, Pavilion ZE4294, Pavilion ZE4298, Pavilion ZE4300, Pavilion ZE4365us, Pavilion ZE4400, Pavilion ZE4500, Pavilion ZE4600, Pavilion ZE4800, Pavilion ZE4900, Pavilion ZE5000, Pavilion ZE5100, Pavilion ZE5155, Pavilion ZE5170, Pavilion ZE5185, Pavilion ZE5200, Pavilion ZE5300, Pavilion ZE5400, Pavilion ZE5500, Pavilion ZE5600, Pavilion ZE5700, Presario 1100, Presario 1110, Presario 1115, Presario 1120, Presario 2100, Presario 2105, Presario 2110, Presario 2120, Presario 2130, Presario 2140, Presario 2150, Presario 2160, Presario 2170, Presario 2180, Presario 2190, Presario 2200, Presario 2210, Presario 2220, Presario 2230, Presario 2240, Presario 2250, Presario 2260, Presario 2270, Presario 2500, Presario 2510, Presario 2520, Presario 2530, Presario 2540, Presario 2550, Presario 2560, Presario 2570, Presario 2580, Presario 2590
319411-001, 319411-001N, 361742-001, 371785-001, 371786-001, 372114-001, 372114-002, 383615-001, 916-2150, DB946A, F4098A, F4809-60901, F4809A, F4812, F4812A, HP F4812, HSTNN-DB13, HSTNN-IB13, HSTNN-Q09C

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