Projector Lamp for Epson V13H010L42 OEM Bulb with Housing
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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) projector lamps are manufactured by the same factories as the genuine bulb included with your projector. The engineering design and manufacturing equipment is exactly the same to insure compatibility and longevity. All of our OEM bulbs come direct from the manufacturer and come with a 180 day warranty.


All of our lamps are sold complete with Bulb and Housing included. Others sell only the Bulb which requires manual installation involving removing the old lamp and rewiring the new lamp into the existing housing. By purchasing the Complete Module and Housing, installation is safe, quick and easy.


SKU PL02408
UPC 840398100223
Bulb Type Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Bulb with Housing
Brand Epson
OEM SKU V13H010L42
Weight 2.0000
Technology LCD
Lamp Power (Watts) 170
Full Power Mode Lifetime (hrs) 2000
Eco Power Mode Lifetime (hrs) 4000
OEM Bulb Manufacturer UHC
Compatible Models
  • Epson EB-400W
  • Epson EB-400WE
  • Epson EB-410W (V11H330053)
  • Epson EB-410WE
  • Epson EB-X56
  • Epson EMP-280 (V11H275040DA)
  • Epson EMP-400
  • Epson EMP-400W (V11H280052)
  • Epson EMP-400WE
  • Epson EMP-410W
  • Epson EMP-410WE
  • Epson EMP-822
  • Epson EMP-822H (V11H304040)
  • Epson EMP-83
  • Epson EMP-83C
  • Epson EMP-83H (V11H303053)
  • Epson EMP-83HE
  • Epson EMP-X56 (V11H307053)
  • Epson EX90 (V11H307220)
  • Epson H281A
  • Epson Powerlite 280
  • Epson PowerLite 400W (V11H281020)
  • Epson Powerlite 400WE
  • Epson PowerLite 410W (V11H330020)
  • Epson Powerlite 410WE
  • Epson PowerLite 822+ (V11H304020)
  • Epson Powerlite 822H
  • Epson Powerlite 822p
  • Epson PowerLite 83+ (V11H303020)
  • Epson Powerlite 83C
  • Epson Powerlite 83H
  • Epson Powerlite 83V+
ELPLP42 (V13H010L42)

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