Research & Innovation


R & D Leadership

When it comes to designing a high-quality battery, in-house subject matter expertise is essential to staying in front of the industry curve and setting the standard. Coupled with customer feedback and deep market research, we incorporate the latest best practices in product development to provide extensive, yet relevant offerings. Our product technology team is comprised of senior engineers who oversee quality and production strategy. From reverse engineering through mass production, careful craftsmanship is taken in every step of the design process.


Quality Management

Traditional distributors tend to rely on manufacturing partners to understand your needs, often with little involvement in the quality control process before the product reaches your doorstep. We employ an in-region quality management strategy at every major facet of our operational process. From the factory to our test labs to our local distribution center, we employ several phases of quality management led by senior personnel. We are among a select few who have the latest technology to locally test for aging, charge, capacity, software/firmware accuracy and other quality related measurements. We ensure the right components are selected, the right assembly processes are followed and that products are properly tested so that we can continue to provide our customers with one of the lowest return rates in the industry.


Best-in-Class Alliance Partners

Collaboration with a network of premium grade component and assembly partners around the world enables us to flexibly adopt the newest, state-of-the art technologies as well as to rapidly scale to your business needs. With great attention to detail, we select best-of-breed partners in strategic regions around the world so that we can stay abreast of evolving trends, technologies and sales channels. By collectively leveraging core competencies, we are able to increase operational efficiency, reduce customer costs and offer top of the line solutions.



The Arclyte family strives to continually make a difference in the environment, economy and communities where we live and work. This entails not only being a great partner to our customers, but also being a corporately responsible organization. As a partner to global businesses, we have been at the forefront in developing products and packaging that cause minimal environmental impact. Our environmental management approach involves multiple facets throughout the product lifecycle, including the manufacturing processes and the proper handling and disposal of the final product after use.